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Lakeland Prep Arts Department Expands After Successful Art Year

The Lakeland Prep School’s Arts Department is celebrating a period of growth and success following a highly acclaimed art show. The department has announced the acquisition of another high school teacher to accommodate the expanding program.

This year’s Art Show saw remarkable growth, doubling in size from the previous year. In response, the arts department plans to acquire more display boards to accommodate the increase in submissions. One notable addition to this year’s show was live drawing, a feature that received positive feedback from attendees. Looking ahead, the department expressed interest in expanding the live demonstrations in future events.

The Best in Show recipients for this year’s Art Show were as follows: Kelya Mbassi from 5th grade, Emma Andres from 6th grade, Victoria Sanchez from 7th grade, Ann-Sophie Grandchamp from 8th grade, Evan Scott from Art I, and Addy Blu Maness from Art II. Additionally, several students were recognized for their exceptional work in various categories, including Best Painting, Best Drawing, Best Use of Color, Most Expressive Quality, and People’s Choice.

Among the grade-level winners were Savannah Scholten, Eleamny Perez, Ella Rudloff, and Presley Farmer, showcasing the talent and creativity of students across different age groups. The Art Show featured a diverse range of mediums and techniques, including Op Art using ink, Prismacolor pencils, acrylic paint, white charcoal on black paper, and expressive self-portraits, among others.

All winning artworks were completed in class as part of class projects, except for the Best of Show winners from 5th and 7th grade. The Arts Department at Lakeland Prep continues to nurture and inspire young artists, fostering a vibrant and growing creative community within the school.