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Lakeland Municipal Court, halted due to COVID-19, can reopen, says TN Supreme Court

Lakeland Municipal Court Judge Kim Koratsky - LC file photo

The Tennessee Supreme Court has approved Lakeland Municipal Court for opening in-person proceedings after a temporary halt due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, according to Shane Horn, city manager.

The 30th Judicial District (Shelby County) Plan, as well as the Lakeland Plan can be found at https://www.tncourts.gov/node/6042449

Tammi Ware-Staggs, city court clerk/administrative assistant for Lakeland, said there are no cases to hear in June. The next court date will be July 15th.

Lakeland Municipal Judge Kim Koratsky submitted to the Court a plan to reopen in-person proceedings, should there be any June cases:

  1. All persons entering the building for court will be asked to wear face covering (which the City may provide), spatially distance, and sign in prior to entering the building.  Municipal personnel at the entry area are protected behind glass.  In the event multiple cases are on the docket, defendant(s) will provide their cell number to the Clerk and will be called in from the parking lot when their case is ready to be heard.  Any person who believes they are at risk due to the virus, are exhibiting any symptoms, or have been exposed to the virus within the previous 14 days should call the court clerk for a continuance to a future court date.


  1. Entry to the courtroom will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) people in the courtroom at any time (excluding the judge, court clerk, and witness(es)).  All persons will be asked to wear face covering while in the courtroom and spatially distance.  Because court is held in the Lakeland Commission Chamber, more than adequate room is available for proper spatial distancing.

These plans will be updated as circumstances, or further order of the Tennessee Supreme Court, require.