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Lakeland Community Clean Up Day

Bulk items will be collected in the semi-annual Clean-Up Day. File photo.

It’s that time of year where Lakeland residents can do a “house junk” purge on a variety of items that you cannot stick into a garbage can. Although the city offers bulk pickup from the curb this just gives citizens another option. According to the city of Lakeland website they accept large domestic items, yard waste, mattresses, furniture, appliances (no refrigerators, freezers, A/C) fencing, limbs. Accepted electronics include computers/components, laptops, cables/cords, camcorders, UPS/ UPS batteries, speakers, printers, cameras, VCR/DVD players, cell phones/chargers, CD Players, cordless phones/chargers, docking station, iPods, network equipment, motherboards, gaming Systems, fax-machines, keyboards/Mice, hard drives, hubs, LCD Monitors, modems, pagers, routers, PCI cards, scanners, mainframe equipment, docking stations, RAM, desktops, stereos/radios, TVs.

Since they take so many kinds of items it’s more effective to observe what cannot be accepted: oils, paint, anti-freeze, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, railroad ties, fluorescent bulbs, light bulbs. Nevertheless, when in doubt, just ask. The community clean-up is scheduled for this Saturday November 5th, 8am—12pm. Just bring it to Fireworks City at the Canada exit (3509 Canada Road, across from The Lake District). This event is for Lakeland residents only, proof of residency is required. Residents are asked to remain in their vehicle. If you have any questions please call City Hall, 901-867-2717. As a recommendation from experience coming earlier in the morning will often be quicker, but either way it moves fast.