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Inaugural LPSTC Thespian Awards

Photo credit Cathy Roberts

by Wesley Wright

Jeff White, the high school LPS Theatre Company director gave the audience a history lesson early on during the award ceremony to explain the meaning and significance of what a Thespian is… an actor or actress. Actors and actresses are called thespians in honor of Thespis, a Greek playwright and performer. Around 535 B.C., Thespis added a new dimension to drama by stepping out of the Greek chorus during a performance and reciting portions of the text alone, becoming the first actor. Today the Thespian society has over 2 million members with various levels of involvement that take years to acquire. This is just the beginning for the inductees and the genesis for LPS Troupe 10902.

Along with the inductees, awards were announced from Mr. White, Alison Garland and Tate Hansen all who were deeply involved and who served as directors in LPS Theatre Company.

LPS Theatre Company Awards 2022-2023 Season Statues (Like Oscars)

Best Actor – Jacob Mans – Freaky Friday
Best Actress – Zoey Yale – Freaky Friday
Best Supporting Actor- Adam Trent – Freaky Friday
Best Supporting Actress – Bonnie Phelan – Night of Undead Theatre
Best Featured Actor- Gabe Nguyen – Freaky Friday
Best Featured Actress – Carrington Criswell – Freaky Friday
Breakout Actor- Aaden Nichols – Night of Undead Theatre
Breakout Actress – Naima Harper Bey
Most Improved – Taylor Townsend
Outstanding Ensemble Member- Lyllian Bogue – Freaky Friday
Best Newcomer- Lyla Clark
Best Dance Leadership- Naima Harper Bey
Best Dance Leadership – Gabbie Johnson


LPSTC Vision Ambassador- Isa Briceno
Outstanding Achievement in Stage Management- Tessa Owen
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theatre – Lex Sjoblom
Outstanding Achievement in Lighting – Truman Heames
Outstanding Achievement in Sound – Addy Blu Maness
Breakout Crew Member- Julia Foster
LPS Theatre Company Student of the Year – Zoey Yale

Perpetual Plaque

LPS Theatre Company Student of the Year 2022-2023 – Zoey Yale

Also announced were the upcoming season shows for 2023-2024:

For Grades 7 – 10 Fall Play November 9th – 12th 2023 Ghostlight
For Grades 5 and 6 – Winter Musical January 26-28th 2024 School House Rock Live Junior
For Grades 7 – 10 Spring Musical April 4th – 7th 2024 The Lightning Thief – The Percy Jackson Musical

Mark your calendars!