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Heathfield Mixed Use Development Approved

A new mixed-use development has been given the green light from the Lakeland Board of Commissioners (BOC) at their May regularly scheduled meeting. The project, known as Heathfield, will be located directly across the street from Lakeland Town Square on Highway 70. The 31.4-acre project will be situated adjacent to the Heathfield at Scotts Creek single family homes residential development. “This is complementary to the already approved Heathfield residential development. There are trails and other things that will connect between the two developments,” explained Lakeland Planning Director Paul Luker.

Heathfield developer, Trey Sowell, told the BOC there will be various amenities in the mixed-used project that he believes area residents will find attractive and beneficial. Plans include 20 acres of commercial space fronting Highway 70, with 11 acres designated for high-end townhomes behind the commercial area. The development also features a 75 to 100 room boutique hotel, a public amphitheater, restaurants, shops and walking and golf-cart paths.

Conceptual site plan of Heathfield. The mixed-use development will connect to the already approved single family homes development (to the north) via a trail system.

City officials believe the development aligns with the city’s vision for strategic and smart  development. “To me, it checks all the boxes of creating value for Shelby County, creating jobs for Shelby County,” said Lakeland Mayor Josh Roman. “And hopefully it allows us to move a little bit closer to getting the Safety TIF (Tax Increment Financing) and making Highway 70 a safer place for all of Lakeland citizens.”

The Safety TIF would be the city’s fourth TIF and could possibly facilitate the implementation of a roundabout system to manage increasing traffic along Highway 70.