Home Business February BOC Work Session Scheduled For This Evening

February BOC Work Session Scheduled For This Evening

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UPDATE: The meeting has been cancelled. The city reports the parking lots at City Hall are still icy as of 11:50am and they feel it is still unsafe.

A Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting is scheduled for tonight, February 2, 2023. The roads are expected to be clear by this evening, so city business will resume. As with most BOC meetings tonight will be a continuation or conclusion of topics publicly discussed in previous meetings. For example, a proposed code revision that allows an additional two citizen members to be appointed to the MPC/DRC by the Mayor, allowing for greater representation from qualified and experienced residents. Another topic concerns towers within all agricultural and residential districts shall be located on a single lot with a minimum of two hundred feet of frontage on a public street (except when antenna is installed on existing electrical transmission towers or utility poles).

A parcel that the Municipal Planning Committee (MPC) was able to save as common open space on Highway 70 is included in proposed amendments for Lakeland Meadows. The Lakeland Meadows Planned Residential Development was approved by the MPC on September 20, 2018. The subject property is located north of US Highway 70 and is bound to the east by the Winstead Farms neighborhood, the west by the future Seed Tick Road extension and the Lakeland Municipal School System property. Valley Brook Development, LLC intends to develop the remaining 272 single-family residential lots with 63.88-acres or 33.5% of the site reserved for common open space. The proposed lot sizes will range from 50-foot wide to 90- foot wide. The proposed overall density is 1.60 dwelling units per acre.