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Farmer’s Market Being Discussed For Lakeland

Farmers Market coming to Lakeland? It's possible. Stock photo.

Lakeland residents may soon have a new gathering spot and shopping destination as discussions take place about the possibility of a Farmer’s Market in the area. The topic was discussed at the recent Lakeland Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting held Thursday evening at City Hall.

The proposed location for the Farmer’s Market would be a future pavilion situated on a city-owned piece of property within Lakeland Town Square on Highway 70. This location, designated for civic use, has been considered for a potential Farmer’s Market since 2020 as part of the mixed-use development but plans were never finalized.

Amy Foster, a ten-year Lakeland resident and Realtor with office space in Lakeland Town Square, has been a vocal supporter of a Farmer’s Market in Lakeland for years. She expressed enthusiasm for the project to Lakeland Currents saying, “A resounding ‘yes!’ That’s what I hear anytime I mention a farmers market in Lakeland.” Foster, who frequents Memphis area markets with her family, believes that bringing such a market to Lakeland would be a huge success, offering residents a convenient shopping experience for fresh produce and local goods.

Amy Foster’s children have grown up going to local farmer markets (like at the Agri-Center here) and she hopes one day soon she can take them to a local market in Lakeland.

“I really believe small businesses, local artisans, cottage bakers all want the opportunity to ‘pop-up’ and attract new customers. A local farmers market might seem small, but the opportunity to share a craft with neighbors in an organized way is huge,” Foster added.

Mrs. Foster said she looks forward to a day when she can redirect people to a Lakeland market instead of those in Memphis, Bartlett, or Arlington. “It will be a very exciting day when we can say ‘yes’, we have it [in Lakeland]!”

The discussion around the Farmer’s Market is expected to continue at future BOC meetings as the community explores the potential benefits and logistics of this exciting addition to Lakeland.