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Everything You Need To Know: The Lake District Dining Options

Construction continues on Phase One of The Lake District. 4/22/21.

by Matt Wright

The Lake District received more good news this week when the Italian restaurant, Villa Castrioti, announced they will be opening a location in the upscale development. Many people know there are multiple restaurants committed to The Lake District, but who and when will they open? It’s a question quite often asked around Lakeland. In a recent discussion with Maggie Gallagher, the Director of Development for The Lake District, she helped provide insight and what dining options will be available in Phase One of the buildout.

According to Ms. Gallagher build out permits are currently being pulled for several of the new dining options in Phase One. With that process underway, Ms. Gallagher says we should expect to see “staggered openings” in Phase One starting in September 2021 and continuing thru this upcoming holiday season.

Phase One Rendering

With general construction already underway for Phase One, The Lake District team is excited about the unique variety of food options within those buildings. Some will offer dine-in options, some will offer to-go options and a few will be a mix of both.

Phase One options will include:

  • Marshall’s Steakhouse
  • Villa Castrioti and Villa Castrioti Pizza (Italian)
  • Hokkaido East (Osaka)
  • Frida’s Express (Mexican)
  • Olive House Mediterranean
  • Boba Society
  • Main Squeeze Juicery
  • Frost Bake Shop

According to Ms. Gallagher, Marshall’s Steakhouse is technically not part of Phase One, rather, they purchased their own pad and will build a standalone building. However, they can build anytime they like and officials believe it will be soon. “I expect them to build quickly and be open around the same time as the other Phase One eateries,” Ms. Gallagher said.

Phase One map and tenants. Click image to enlarge.

”We’re excited about Villa Castrioti because they will offer a mix of some seating and to-go. Including a great pizza offering that will be part of the to-go packages,” Ms. Gallagher commented. Frida’s Express and Hokkaido East (an Osaka restaurant) will also offer some seating and to-go options. “And don’t forget about Olive House Mediterranean, Boba Society, and Main Squeeze” Ms. Gallagher said, adding, “They will offer some great smaller selections you can grab and go.” Frost Bake Shop speaks for itself as the announcement for the gourmet cake and cookie maker was very well received last month.

Phase Two rendering showing lake front dining.

If you include Starbucks in Phase One (already open) the mix of offerings is already impressive. But what about lake front dining options often shown in artist renderings? “Those are Phase Two, and yes, we totally expect to provide lakefront dining options. In fact, we are already talking to some great restaurant owners about Phase Two,” she said. Ms. Gallagher pointed out there is very little left to lease in Phase One and once that is complete work on Phase Two will be underway. Ms. Gallagher said, “I’m telling business owners now is the time to get in. We’re seeing a snowball effect as more and more owners want to be involved with this great project,” adding, “the longer they wait to get involved, the more expensive it will become.”