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Effortless Business Travel in the UAE: Plan Your Comfort Ahead

Dubai, with its stunning skyline, reputation as a luxury city and thriving economy, is a top destination for business and leisure travel. Although it is often confused with a country, Dubai is the most populous city of the seven United Arab Emirates (UAE). Combining modernity with culture and history, Dubai offers visitors an exciting choice of adventure, shopping and entertainment such as luxury car rentals. In this article, we will look at the key points that you may encounter on your business trip in order to keep as much comfort as possible in your stay here.

Arrival in Dubai

Dubai Airports

There are two airports in Dubai: Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC). Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport in the world, offering flights around the world with its own airline Emirates and other international airlines. By the way, you can rent a car directly from the airport for your convenience. For information on visas, visit the website of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Dubai’s transport system is efficient and well-connected. Taxis, carsharing and the Dubai metro make it easier to get around the city. If you want to be more flexible, you can also rent a car. You can begin your trip with a particularly vivid experience by renting a Lamborghini in Dubai at ease. But remember that traffic can be very heavy during peak hours.

Districts of Dubai

There are six main districts in Dubai: Bur Dubai, Deira, Hatta, Jebel Ali, Jumeirah and the surrounding suburbs. It is convenient to travel between all areas by car, which can be rented. The main areas to know are: 

Bur Dubai: The historic district of Dubai is a central hub for museums, upscale boutiques, affordable stores, art galleries, as well as concerts and sporting events at the Zabeel Stadium.

Deira: Known as the heart of the gold trade in Dubai, this area is home to the famous Gold Market and the smaller spice market. 

Jumeirah: This residential area on the coast of Dubai is likely to appear on social media. Visitors can enjoy world-class hospitality, award-winning spas, world-class restaurants, iconic hotels and more.

Suburbs: Dubai boasts well-planned suburbs with greenery, supermarkets, golf courses, restaurants, and gyms, despite being best known for its glistening skyscrapers and busy business and entertainment districts.

Dubai’s main business districts

Major business districts include Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Business Bay and Dubai Internet City. These premises are home to numerous corporate offices and are therefore suitable for business meetings. DIFC, in particular, is a financial center with many restaurants and networking opportunities.

Etiquette of business meetings and dinners in Dubai

Dubai’s business culture values professionalism and respect. A handshake is customary when greeting someone, and business cards are typically exchanged. However, do not give an Emirati woman a handshake unless she extends her hand first. It is recommended to dress elegantly and conservatively, especially when meeting with local business partners. Punctuality is important, and meetings often begin with small talk before getting down to business. While eating, use your right hand to eat and drink.

Recognising the UAE’s distinctive cultural traits

Be mindful of regional traditions and customs. Wear modest clothing and follow Islamic traditions, particularly when visiting places of worship. Keep in mind the time of fasting and cultural peculiarities during the holy month of Ramadan. Visitors must comply with local regulations and laws, otherwise they risk the consequences.

Alcohol consumption in Dubai

Alcohol consumption in Dubai is legal and allowed in licensed restaurants, hotels and bars owned by licensed hotels. Drinking alcohol in public places, including on the beach, is strictly prohibited and punishable. Any appearance in a drunken state in public may result in detention or arrest. Under no circumstances should you drive under the influence of alcohol. Dubai imposes severe penalties for drunk driving.

No public displays of affection

Dubai follows Islamic principles. Modesty and conservative behavior are highly appreciated. The PDA is governed by laws based on cultural and Islamic principles. Public displays like holding hands, kissing, or hugging may result in fines or legal action.

Be prepared to have a wonderful plentiful time balancing work and leisure in Dubai. The comfort of up-to-date services like car rentals or delivery will definitely save your time and money, while knowing etiquette peculiarities will add prestige to your persona and assure comfort of communicating with locals as well.

By Chris Bates