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Dwayne Pittman on Why a Doctor May Prescribe Medical Massage Treatments

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Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach is proud to provide medical massages. As a massage therapist, Dwayne Pittman notes that a medical massage is a form of massage that a person’s doctor prescribes to help alleviate a specific pain or issue. There are many occasions where a person may benefit from a medical massage and should consider consulting with their doctor. Today, Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach will discuss some of the most common reasons people are prescribed a medical massage.

Many people will talk to their doctor about the aches and pains they are experiencing in their back, shoulder, or legs. Dwayne Pittman notes that a massage therapist is often called upon when X-rays reveal no sign of a slipped disc or broken bone. Common stress injuries can lead to constant pain, which is tied to sitting for extended periods or having poor posture. The act of medical massage can help a person improve their posture and help a person avoid bodily pain in the future.

Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach is also called upon often to perform a medical massage on people battling migraines. Many people find they can alleviate regular migraines by having an experienced massage therapist effectively massage the neck and head. Specific muscles may be triggering chronic headaches, so a medical massage can be the best way to find consistent relief. The same logic also applies to those dealing with the aftermath of whiplash from a car accident or other traumatic experiences. The nerves and muscles in the head and neck area of the body are extremely sensitive. When a person experiences whiplash, the flexibility of joints can be thrown off balance. Medical massage therapy looks to balance muscle tone and restore all flexibility of joints.

Dwayne Pittman notes that it is enriching as a massage therapist to offer medical massage therapy that provides a person with pain relief that improves their quality of life. One of the few reasons people seek medical massage therapy outside of pain relief is to naturally remove post-surgery scar tissue. Doctors will often prescribe medical massages to patients recovering from surgery so that the body’s tissue can be broken down and restored to its pre-surgery look.

Medical massages are often prescribed to people who deal with muscle disorders. Dwayne Pittman and other trained massage therapists will provide a deep tissue massage to help treat the disorder. Those with muscle disorders should absolutely talk to their Doctors before reaching out to a massage therapist as those with severe disorders may not be able to receive the same level of benefits as others. Those whom their doctor consults to visit a trained medical massage therapist often find the relief can last for up to a month. When this is the case, it’s important to stick to a regular massage routine to experience all of the necessary benefits.

When it comes to the type of medical massage therapy a patient will receive, Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach notes that it is most common for a doctor to suggest a deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage treats musculoskeletal issues. Most people who have suffered a sports injury or strain will benefit from deep tissue massage. After this massage treatment, a person can experience increased blood circulation, which will show itself by reducing inflammation around the massaged area.

Of course, sports injuries are just one reason to seek a deep-tissue massage. People who deal with fibromyalgia can find that this massage therapy can help alleviate some of the common tenderness and pain they experience in their bones and muscles. Orthopedic doctors will even send their patients to a massage therapist like Dwayne Pittman when they discover a patient suffers from plantar fasciitis. For those unfamiliar with this condition, it causes extreme pain at the heel’s bottom. Typically, it occurs after prolonged wear and tear on the ligaments. The process of the massage can help realign the muscles and relieve tension.

Dwayne Pittman of Virginia Beach notes that many of his clients are sent to him by a doctor as part of a blood pressure treatment plan. Several factors can lead to high blood pressure, but a deep tissue massage is a great way to alleviate this problem. High blood pressure can happen when the blood flows with significant pressure through the arteries. People can experience everything from shortness of breath to nose bleeds because of high blood pressure. Regular deep tissue massage appointments can help increase blood flow and alleviate some of the pressure.