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Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, Provides Advice for Those New to Fishing

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As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, knows many other fishing enthusiasts are looking forward to the official start of another summer fishing season. Donnie Wayne also knows that many men and women will be fishing for the first time this summer. Although anything new can be a stressful experience, Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, encourages all those new to fishing to approach the opportunity with excitement. Today, he will provide some advice to help any new angler have a successful first-day fishing.

The first thing to understand is that freshwater fishing will typically require a state fishing license. The rules do vary by state, but a quick Google search should give new fishermen their answer. Donnie Wayne recommends visiting a local fishing tackle or sporting goods store to get situated for the first day out. The people who work at these stores are typically very informed on the local hotspots for fishing. They cannot only point people towards a rod and reel, but they can also make recommendations on lures and fishing weights. To enjoy a more successful day fishing, Donnie Wayne of Jackson recommends spending less money on expensive rods and paying more attention to the color of the lure. When lure colors match the color of the water, they are more likely to help a person catch fish.

If heading out yourself, it’s essential to know how to set your fishing rod with the hook, line, and sinkers. Donnie Wayne recommends adding two sinkers a little more than half a foot about the hook. The weight keeps the bait and the lure down. The role of the bobber is to inform the person when they have a bite on the line. The placement of the bobber is dependent on how deep someone is fishing. There are countless video tutorials on setting up a fishing rod on YouTube. One of the things Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, appreciates the most about the fishing community is how willing people are to help one another. He recommends trying a few times at home and contacting another fishing enthusiast for an in-person tutorial. Once a person knows how to set up the rod correctly, they are ready to enjoy a day of fishing.

How the rod is set up will depend on the outfit of the rod. The two most common outfits are spin-casting and spinning. Spin-casting outfits typically allow for casting greater distances and can handle the weight of larger fish. Spinning gear is usually more than adequate for those just fishing at their local pond. Just as one would practice getting their fishing rod set up before heading out, Donnie Wayne recommends practicing casting. Each rod should come with instructions that will make it easy to cast confidently. Again, video tutorials can be a real lifesaver.

No one has to overdo it with accessories. However, if fishing becomes a real hobby, a good tackle box can make life much easier. A standard tackle box has a place to store hooks, lures, weights, pliers, and more. There are even tackle boxes that provide places to store live bait. If fishing in an area where one can keep what they catch – as long as the fish fit within the sizes appointed by the state – it’s a good idea to travel with a cooler filled to the brim with ice. Because there are hooks involved, people can get cut by accident. A first-aid kit is always necessary to ensure all minor injuries can be dealt with swiftly.

Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, recommends fishing with someone who has experience. The outdoor community is a great place to find people who love what they do. Fishing isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion, which means people are more than willing to help others who are looking to enjoy the same thing they love. Also, fishing is more fun as a communal experience. It creates a healthy level of competition and allows for great conversation on those dreaded days when the fish simply aren’t biting.