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Comprehensive Development Plan Scheduled For Tuesday. Public Is Invited.

The PULSe meeting will be held at IH Clubhouse on Canada Rd.

Lakeland’s Comprehensive Plan (called PULSE) is a collection of documents designed to guide current and future development. This current visioning mechanism is underway and has two more public engagement meetings left. According to officials it is critical Lakeland residents be involved in this planning process because the city wants resident’s perspectives on how Lakeland should grow. For example, where should roads go or not go? Should Lakeland save more land for conservation? How much commercial growth should be pursued in Lakeland? There are many applications to the comprehensive plan and city officials want to hear your voice.

After the most recent Industrial Development Board (IDB) meeting we contacted Vice Mayor Wesley Wright for his thoughts on the need for citizen involvement. Vice Mayor Wright said, “my hope is for residents to share the same buy-in and involvement for the comprehensive plan as they would safety and security like the last community advisory board meeting. The comprehensive plan is as critical as any other thing we have going, it is a blueprint, but you get what you put into it.”

Currently a PULSE meeting has been set for January 31, 2023, at IH Clubhouse on Canada Road at 6pm and the public is invited. However, due to possible inclement weather that meeting could be postponed. Officials advise to monitor City of Lakeland communications via Facebook in case it needs to be rescheduled. If the meeting is held the agenda will discuss matters including the plan update so far, transportation plan status update and growth strategy review. The meeting will also include a facilitated breakout session and an opportunity for the public to provide feedback.