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City Promoting Memorial Tree Program

Oak tree sapling. Stock image.

At the most recent Lakeland Parks and Recreation Board meeting the Memorial Tree Program was discussed by board members. On the board memorandum it stated: “A memorial tree can be planted for a variety of occasions: in honor of a loved one, friend, or colleague who has passed; to celebrate the life of someone special; to commemorate individuals, families, or organizations; or even to celebrate a wedding, graduation, birth, birthday, or other occasions.”

Any person wishing to participate in the program may fill out the application form and return it to Lakeland City Hall with the appropriate payment. Attempts will be
made to honor specific species and location requests, however, the final determination will be left to the Natural Resources Department. Only trees from the City of Lakeland Tree Species Selection List are available for the program with most trees being 15-gallon size at the time of planting. Maintenance and replacement of the tree(s) will be guaranteed for a five-year period from the time of planting or any subsequent replanting. Donors will be notified of the tree’s planting date, species, and location. Trees will be labeled with the same type of display as those used throughout the City’s arboreta.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this program which is very befitting for our town that identifies so strongly as a place of natural beauty.