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Buddy Schum on Arresting Chronic Health Issues via a Vegan Lifestyle

Buddy Schum Bucks County

Buddy Schum of Bucks County has researched the connection between a vegan lifestyle and health conditions for many years. Not only does he follow these guidelines in diet, but he tries to incorporate this lifestyle in his clothing choices and the products he purchases for his home. In the following article, Buddy Schum explains how vegan options can arrest the development of many chronic illnesses, how they can impact a person’s life, as well as the moral benefits of living this way.

Choosing to become vegan is more than just a dietary decision, it is an entire lifestyle within itself. We all know what makes a vegan, as far as diet, but what are the other characteristics that go hand in hand with living as a vegan?

Buddy Schum of Bucks County says, people who take veganism seriously generally don’t stop at refusing to eat animal products, but they take it a step further and apply their ideals to things like clothing and the activities that they choose to partake in.

Below, Buddy Schum gives an arresting look into what a truly dedicated vegan lifestyle looks like, and how realistic it is to achieve this in today’s day and age.

Vegan Lifestyle Explained

The exact definition of veganism began as the idea of not eating any animal products, but as time goes on this definition continues to change. The most dedicated of this group will go as far as to abstain from promoting anything that could lead to harm of any living organism.

A more modern and accurate definition of veganism highlights that any form of animal cruelty should be frowned upon, this includes food, clothing, cosmetics, or any other form of animal exploitation explains Buddy Schum of Bucks County.

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Ideals Surrounding Veganism

Most people who don’t know much about vegans don’t consider just how difficult it can be to live this lifestyle. Animal products are much more prevalent than one would think, this includes clothing, makeup, cleaning products, and more says Buddy Schum of Bucks County.

True vegans will refuse to wear any clothing that was made from the hide of an animal, like leather jackets, fur coats, and wool socks.

Just because a product doesn’t contain any ingredients that were derived from a living organism, doesn’t mean it wasn’t tested on animals. Buddy Schum of Bucks County says that this is especially prevalent in cosmetic products like makeup, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, perfumes, deodorants, and much more.

A modern vegan lifestyle goes even further in an attempt to do no harm to animals while promoting environmental sustainability. It is not uncommon to see veganism go hand-in-hand with sustainable landscaping practices that promote wildlife health, like preserving old trees instead of removing and replacing them with flower beds.

Buddy Schum of Bucks County explains that entertainment is yet another industry that is famous for using animals to its benefit, which is why you would be hard pressed to find a vegan at a circus, zoo, or movie set where animals are being exploited.

Reasons To Adopt a Vegan Lifestyle

There are a multitude of far-reaching benefits to living a vegan lifestyle, some of which benefit the individual directly and others benefit the planet and humanity as a whole.

Health Benefits

Personal benefits to one’s health is a common reason that people choose to adopt this lifestyle in the first place. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lower cancer risk
  • Clearer skin
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Lower chance of developing diabetes
  • Weight loss

Sense Of Community

Being a vegan provides a large and tight-knit community of passionate individuals who share the same ideals. As of 2021, there are an estimated 79 million vegans across the globe, with numbers like this it’s not hard to see why the sense of community is so important to those who lead a vegan lifestyle says Buddy Schum.

Organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Mercy for Animals, Humane Society of the United States, and Compassion Over Killing are the largest proponents of a vegan lifestyle which help to give the movement a voice as well as connect like-minded individuals from around the world.

A Good Vegan

Absolutely anyone can become a vegan, no matter how carnivorous their diet might have previously been. What is more important than what an individual prefers to eat is their compassion, willpower, and conviction.

Buddy Schum of Carbon County explains that vegans are consistently going against the grain of societal norms, which is why it is so important for a vegan to be steadfast in their beliefs. Being able to “walk the walk” is as synonymous with veganism as is a love of animals, respect for the environment, and a reverence for all things living.


It’s not hard to see why veganism has become such a popular and widespread way of life. It is much more than just a healthy diet; it is an entire lifestyle with an active community that collectively strives for something bigger than themselves.

Vegans champion the cause of sentient beings everywhere, ensuring that animals and other organisms alike receive treatment that is free of cruelty and exploitation. Their ideals and beliefs not only protect animals, but they help the planet as a whole.