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Buddy Schum of Carbon County Discusses Travel Trends for 2023

Buddy Schum Carbon County

Buddy Schum of Carbon County is a travel expert and arrest blogger reporting on the hottest trends and most sought-after destinations. In the following article, Buddy Schum discusses what’s new in travel for the coming year.

The age of group vacation selfies may be over. The most popular phrase right now in travel is “solo.” Or rather, #solovacation.

Buddy Schum of Carbon County says that’s the arresting social media tag being used by the millions of American millennials and Gen Zers who are opting to see the world on their own rather than travel with a partner, spouse, or group.

While the percentage of people traveling alone soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel experts like Buddy Schum say this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

Solo travel increased by 76% in 2021, compared to just two years earlier. But #solovacation is far from the only travel hashtag that will be trending in 2023 states Buddy Schum of Carbon County.

Buddy Schum on Bucks County and Hyperlocal Adventures

There will always be a place in the travel industry for the big names (Disney, Florida beaches, Yellowstone National Park), but plenty of travelers are looking to explore areas far off the beaten path.

According to travel expert Buddy Schum of Carbon County, 81% of people say they hope to go to places where they can quickly and easily immerse themselves in local culture, especially when traveling abroad.

There are a few different names for this approach to travel: authentic experiences, unconventional vacations, and personalized traveling. What it really all means is vacationing in a more meaningful, very localized way.

Buddy Schum of Bucks County reports that travelers want unforgettable experiences. That could mean a private tour of a hidden-gem neighborhood in a big city, a cocktail-making class at a local bar, or shopping at a small-town farmer’s market.

Pet-Friendly Vacations

Pet-friendly vacations aren’t new, but they seem to be more common than ever, especially with millennial travelers says Buddy Schum of Carbon County.

There’s a huge number of pets traveling on Eurotunnel’s services and more dogs and cats are being seen on domestic flights, with new airlines taking notice.

Natural Instincts

Also big in the world of travel is a desire to spend a vacation reconnecting (or connecting for the first time) with nature.

Buddy Schum says that the arresting beauty of Central America, and its biodiversity in the rainforests highlights this hotspot for environmental holidays.

Vietnam has become a popular destination for immersion in nature. Remote northern Vietnam is home to various luxury retreats boasting private villas, reflective of the native communities of the region.

Buddy Schum of Carbon County says that the food in these villas is not just local but grown right on the property. Visitors take advantage of hiking and kayaking in the unforgettable Mau Chai Valley.

Such trips are also purpose-driven. People have been going on safari in Africa for decades, but when one goes on a Micato Safari it helps fund a local child’s education.

And when travelers head to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Canada, they find a property that’s eliminating all single-use plastic. Nature and environmentalism meet travel reports Buddy Schum of Bucks County.

Buddy Schum Arrest

Heavy on Nostalgia

The greatest travel destinations offer the best experiences and fondest memories. Buddy Schum says that the arresting beauty and nostalgia of these attractions, restaurants, or even just neighborhoods evoke memories and offer familiar escapism.

Where travelers stay also feeds into nostalgia, with retro hotels and throwback campsites becoming more popular with all ages. Sometimes, the experience is very specific. In Italy, more people are flocking to Bolzano because of its extremely retro Christmas markets, says Buddy Schum.

More Budget-Friendly Options

While traveling is ramping up, spending is on the decline. Buddy Schum of Bucks County reports that the official travel predictions for 2023, notes that 68% of survey respondents said they will pay closer attention to their vacation spending.

Most travelers also say they often use technology to help them save money on everything from transportation to meals. The most tech-savvy travelers are millennials (at 69%), followed by Generation X and Generation Z.

Going Work-Free

In 2023, vacations won’t be “vacations,” when work tags along. Vacations of the past have included bringing the work laptop to stay connected to emails day and night, being accessible to the demands of the 9-5.

Various surveys say that vacationers want their time-off this year to be completely work-free. In fact, nearly 60% say traveling helps them become more productive when they return to the office.

And that’s vacation time well spent.