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Boil Notice Lifted For Lakeland

Lakeland was under a boil notice from MLGW but that has now been lifted. Stock photo.

MLGW has been busy over the Christmas break. First, there was a rolling blackout for MLGW customers due to the extreme cold before Christmas. According to officials those blackouts fell on TVA, however MLGW messaging was not very clear and consistent during those blackouts. Some customers never lost power, while some lost it three or four times causing various problems. How they responded to what was called “Mandatory Shedding of Load” from the TVA was frustrating to many, however, the blackouts are hopefully a thing of the past.

Just a couple of days after the blackouts MLGW issued a precautionary boiled water advisory for all customers, including everyone in Lakeland, due to water main breaks and freezing temperatures. The boil notice has been ongoing for several days, however, the boil notice was officially lifted for all MLGW customers yesterday evening, December 29. The boil notice had a major impact on businesses with water pressure, including hotels and restaurants turning away customers. The AutoZone Liberty Bowl, which Arkansas and Kansas played before a packed Liberty Bowl stadium on Wednesday, even had talks of cancellation if they could not solve the bathroom issues.

Speculation on social media pages about why Lakeland must boil our water while Bartlett and some other municipalities do not has a very simple answer. It’s because those municipalities have their own water treatment system. Lakeland and Arlington are small municipalities and rely on MLGW for water, power, and gas, although Lakeland does have its own wastewater treatment solution.

So, is MLGW adequately prepared for more frozen temperatures? It’s hard to say but hopefully Lakeland residents and businesses can experience some normalcy now that temperatures are back to normal.

Below you will find the press release from MLGW including instructions to flush out your system at home or business.