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BOC Working To Address The Crime in Shelby County

SCSO detective and deputies. Lakeland Currents file photo.

Last week, Commissioner Michele Dial sponsored a resolution that garnered unanimous support from the other members of the Lakeland Board of Commissioners (BOC). The resolution intends to aid Mayor Josh Roman in developing strategies and pursuing necessary legislative changes to eliminate cashless bonds and enhance consequences for repeat offenders, including juveniles. The Mayor and Board of Commissioners are taking a proactive approach to promote increased public safety in Lakeland by working with local, state, and federal leadership to address the ongoing problem of increased criminal activity in the county. As an example, in 2023 alone, over 3,000 vehicles have already been stolen in Shelby County, mostly by juveniles.

During their discussion, the BOC considered strategies to encourage county, state, and federal officials to take proactive measures. As Lakeland does not have its own police department, it relies on the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) for law enforcement within its city limits. However, a new SCSO office is being pursued for Lakeland near the Canada and I-40 exit, with Vice-Mayor Wesley Wright currently helping with the design of the complex. Elected officials elsewhere throughout the county have been sounding the alarm and now it is a matter of taking action according to officials.

The BOC also expressed support for Shelby County Commissioner Mick Wright as he and others strive to ensure that SCSO has ample support.