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BOC Meeting: Matt Wright Selected for Open Position

In a special meeting tonight (2.2.17), Matt Wright, former member of the Lakeland School Board, was unanimously selected to fill a seat on the BOC (Board of Commissioners) vacated by Sherri Gallick.

One other person applied for the slot: Sarah Edwards, a 20-year resident of Lakeland. After the selection of Mr. Wright,  she said she would consider volunteer board positions with the City.

Both candidates were asked their view on residential and business growth, taxes, expanding City services and their passions.

New Commissioner Wright said he has three goals in his new capacity:

  • “It’s critical that The Lake District comes to fruition,” he said. “It will provide tax dollars but also will create a demand on the other corners by the interstate,” he added.
  • His second goal would be the marketing and branding of the City to attract residents and encourage business to say Lakeland is where they want to be.
  • Thirdly, he supports a strong athletic program for the City. As a volunteer coach in City programs, he said it is important for children to participate in Lakeland.  But the programs also drive revenue to the Parks and Revenue Department.

Newly sworn-in Commissioner Wright said he appreciated the support.  “It means a lot to me. We’ve had disagreements in the past (speaking mainly of the campaign to build schools in Lakeland).  But there’s no reason we can’t work together,” he said.

Mr. Wright serves until an election in November 2018.

The special meeting concluded and was followed by the regular monthly work session.

… photo by Jim Willis.