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BOC Meeting:  Grant Money, Traffic Cameras, Gas Station Upgrades

Owners of the Marathon gas station on Canada Road: Anis Kapadia and Nizar Lanani.

Think bike and pedestrian trail improvements for Canada Road and Monroe Road.  New stamped concrete crosswalks. Trail lighting. Gateway signage with landscaping.

All will be a reality from a newly received TDOT (Tennessee Department of Transportation) grant for $1.7 million, according to Emily Harrell, city engineer.  A resolution was approved for a TDOT contract during the Aug. 10 Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting.

The TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program) grant is funded 80 percent federal and 20 percent local. Lakeland’s share will be $345,070.  Mrs. Harrell said a portion of the monies, $475,350, was included in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget for a smaller MPO grant received in March. She said if the project progresses quickly, a budget amendment will be presented to the BOC for additional funds.  The improvements will be on Canada Road from I-40 to U.S. Highway 64.  The two grants have been combined into one contract for the entire project.

Mrs. Harrell said the trail will be extended onto Monroe Road to tie in Woodland Park subdivision and ultimately the conservation area within The Lake District/Lake Forest development.

Site plan: https://lakelandtn.gov/DocumentCenter/View/6499

Suggested by Vice Mayor Josh Roman were security cameras at City intersections.  Mayor Wyatt Bunker said the BOC is considering 4K cameras with new imaging standards and maximum capability for such locations as LA Fitness, Zaxby’s and along Canada Road.  They would connect via the internet.

“We will pick up useful information to share with first responders,” he said.  “We could address car break-ins without a tremendous cost in personnel.”

The Mayor added that it’s possible grant money could fund the cameras.

Vice Mayor Roman said he wants citizens to know that Lakeland is closed to criminals at such places as gas stations and motels.

The owners of the property at 3665 Canada Road housing a McDonald’s and gas station appeared before the BOC to request an off premises beer permit.

Nizar Lalani of Collierville and Anis Kapadia of Germantown were told they are non-compliant with the City on issues with the property such as the building being in disrepair, lighting and landscaping.  The BOC postponed granting the permit until the location is cleaned up or there are approved plans.

Mr. Lalani said they have done much work inside the building and expect the entire area to be much more attractive in two months.  He said the McDonald’s location could be replaced with a Dairy Queen or another franchise could rent from them.

Lt. Kathy Crowder with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) gave the report for July crime incidents.  (See story here about the crime statistics https://lakelandcurrents.com/july-crime-report-for-lakeland/ ) She said of the four motor vehicle thefts, two were unlocked.  A motorized boat was stolen off Garner Lake but eventually returned to the owner who did not press charges. Lt. Crowder noted the City has asked for five years’ worth of crime statistics and the Homeland Security analyst is working on those numbers.

In his monthly report, City Manager Jim Atkinson said soccer registration is open and Oakwood Grove subdivision has submitted many building permits. Mrs. Harrell commented on the exit lanes open at the I-40 interchange and said the new section of Beverle Rivera is being paved and should be open Monday.

Mr. Atkinson also commented on new developments including other neighborhoods, commercial and retail. He said there is no final timeline for The Lake District but the developers are in town frequently plan for the project.  The new McDonald’s on U.S. Highway 64 is set to open Sept. 20.

Vice Mayor Roman stated that commissioners had requested a second opinion on online reputation management.  “I have since discussed this with our city attorney and understand the issue better,” he said.  “I don’t need to pursue it further.”  He was referring to a discussion a week ago about social media and defamation of elected officials and the City.

During Commissioner reports Matt Wright reported that a Lakeland resident came to the Parks and Recreation Board meeting this week and presented a plan for an arts festival at IH Park.  That event could possibly be added to other spring events in the City to showcase a month of special events, including the Tour de Lakeland and the LAMP concerts.

Vice Mayor Roman said there will be an upcoming meeting explaining the Industrial Development Board and the public will be welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Commissioner Clark Plunk asked if a replacement had been selected to replace Paul Vandiver on the Municipal Planning Commission.  Mr. Vandiver resigned because of work constraints.  Mayor Bunker announced that Carl Helton has confirmed he will take that vacant seat.  He is currently serving on the Board of Appeals, Mr. Helton’s resignation will open a seat on that Commission.

Alan Johnson, chair of the Economic Development Commission, addressed the BOC about the Small Area Plan.  He cited specific pages in the document dealing with streets and their width. He said he likes the plan, is in favor of it and understands it is not a mandate but a plan.  But he felt he had to share his concerns about some of the aspects of the plan.

A resolution was approved for a contract with Gibson Paving, Inc. for $67,350 for street patching.  Mayor Bunker questioned the contact, noting the City just purchased a hot box and roller to allow City crews to place asphalt over street repairs.  Mrs. Harrell said the contract provides fixed pricing for work on large patches or in the event of equipment failure.

Mr. Atkinson reviewed the status on a fire department for Lakeland as well as an athletic complex. (See slides attached to story.)  Phase I is to cost $2.5 million and could be started early next year.  However, the Lakeland School Board (LSB) announced this week they plan to spend $3.5 million in savings on the newly opened middle school for athletic fields behind the school.   LSB members suggested the City might be interested in adding monies for work on the athletic fields.  City officials tonight said they would see how that fits into the City plan for sports fields.

All items on the consent agenda were approved.  On the regular agenda the final reading was approved to rezone property at Lou Jan Causeway and Canada Road.  A resolution dealing with the Small Area Plan was tabled until next month when representatives of Looney Ricks Kiss (who prepared the report for the City) can be present.

Links to the two meeting agendas:

https://tn-lakeland.civicplus.com/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/685 regular agenda

https://tn-lakeland.civicplus.com/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/682 beer board agenda

… Photos by Jim Willis, Lakeland Currents. Album of tonight’s meeting, below.