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BOC: Defer on One Neighborhood, Approve on a Second

Pete Dike with Estates at Chambers Chapel

The BOC (Board of Commissioners) met for their business meeting tonight (12.13.17) and deferred action on the Chapel Woods Planned Development while they amended and approved action on The Estates at Chambers Chapel.

Link to agenda: https://tn-lakeland.civicplus.com/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/732

The outline plan for Chapel Woods was deferred because commissioners were concerned about the small size of lots and trees to be removed.  Gerry Lawson of Lawson Engineering said the development will be 127 acres with 214 lots.  House size will be from 2,500-4,000 square feet.  “We want a good development. We are not trying to cut corners,” he said.

Gerry Lawson

Mayor Wyatt Bunker said, “It looks like Bartlett to me. I’m disappointed it got this far I don’t like the number of small lots.”  He added that green space in the development should be distributed, saying the area has a nice forest of 10-12 year-old trees.

The BOC deferred action on the development until staff can work with the developer.

It was a different matter to approve the preliminary development plan for The Estates.  Pete Dike with W.H. Porter Consultants said the project will have 70 lots on 100 acres.  He said they will grade out only for infrastructure and the lots will stay wooded.  “We will save as many natural trees as possible,” he said.

Part of the resolution for phase 1 (31 lots on 50 acres) required a tree survey.  Mayor Bunker suggested the survey be waived.  He said they are doing conventional foundations to save trees.  “I applaud y’all’s effort.  This is one of the most heavily treed areas of Lakeland. It’s a great example of what we should be looking at.”

Mr. Dike said each lot will be individually surveyed for trees.  The resolution was amended to remove language about the tree survey and then approved.

In other action

Three ordinances were approved on final reading:

  1. Allowing the city manager to amend certain fees.
  2. Amend City code to implement Lakeland Municipal Court
  3. Amend Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget

Commissioners approved a resolution approving a concept plan for an athletic and community park but did not authorize development of phase 1.  The Mayor said the City should be “financially cautious” now and defer the funding plan to the first or second meeting in January.

Catherine Wilson addressed the BOC about a wedding venue she and her family want to build on 33 acres on Chapel Hill Road. She said it would be less than a mile from U.S. Highway 64 and two miles east of the new McDonald’s. The venue would require zoning changes for neighborhood and general assembly uses. Commissioners were concerned about traffic and noise from the planned facility and voted to defer action to January.

Catherine Wilson

Four resolutions were approved as a package: agenda items 7, 8, 9, 10 dealing with street improvements, pavement markings, sewer video inspection and sewer lagoon dredge.

The Board approved the purchase of two pieces of equipment for the City: a Buzz

Bar (for large limbs) and Ditcher Head for ditch cleanout. Additionally the 2018 meeting calendar was approved.

A seventeenth item was added to the agenda: increasing fees for legal services from Wiseman Bray which has represented the City four years at the same rate.

Approved was $175 an hour for Board work and $300 an hour for litigation.

Only one Lakeland resident addressed the BOC tonight.  Brad McElroy said he lives in The Grove and there is a big difference between his neighborhood and Oakwood Grove (a new subdivision under construction) and Chapel Woods — less trees.  “Lakeland is known as tree city.  I applaud asking the questions you are asking.”

Brad McElroy

The Beer Board met before the BOC and approved an off premises beer permit for the Mobile gas station at 3665 Canada Road.  The permit was requested months ago but was delayed until renovation work could be planned and approved for the site. Anis Kapadia, one of the owners, told BOC members most of the work has been done with the exception of lighting, landscaping and stone work on the façade.  He expects everything to be completed within three months.  Mr. Kapadia has not selected a tenant for the restaurant side of the business.

Tom Skehan, city planning director, with Anis Kapadia