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Anthony Sandoval of Atlanta, GA Discusses How to Get Started with Competitive Weightlifting

Anthony Sandoval Atlanta GA

Anthony Sandoval of Atlanta, GA is a former marine, who enjoys staying fit by lifting weights. In the following article, Anthony Sandoval discusses the basics of what an aspiring bodybuilder would want to know about how to get started in competitive weightlifting. He also covers the differences between casual and competitive weightlifting, as well as the general benefits of strength training below.

Many people resolve to lose weight or get in shape around the New Year. But others want to take fitness to the next level: competitions. Competitions are different from the average workouts people do to stay in shape. The gap can be jarring.

Anthony Sandoval on Benefits of Weightlifting

Anthony Sandoval of Woodstock, GA says that there are many benefits weightlifting can offer to both men and women:

  • A clearer mind
  • Cleaner blood
  • Reduced depression
  • Activating latent genes
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Builds muscle
  • Improved love life

One of the most important benefits left off the list is “better self-esteem.” While looking good and being healthier are important benefits of better fitness, the self-esteem boost that comes from a confident self-image and competition win are exorbitant.

How to Start

Anthony Sandoval of Woodstock, GA says that the easiest way to start strength training is to join a local gym. Gyms provide the right equipment and trainers to assist on proper form, and training safety. Although most exercises can also be done at home, gyms offer trainers, and the motivation and comradery of others.

For those who wish to start weight training at home, here are a few basic tips:

  • Start small
  • Form matters
  • Warm-up
  • Don’t overtrain
  • Stay hydrated
  • Breathe
  • Take a break when needed

Anthony Sandoval of Woodstock, GA says don’t forget to rest! Resting for 60 seconds in between workouts allows the body to recharge. It is also recommended to take several rest days between training days.

Many routines will also include exercises for other muscle groups. This is an excellent idea. No two bodies are alike, so it may take a while to find a perfect routine.

Anthony Sandoval Woodstock GAWhat’s Different About Competitions

After mastering weightlifting in their own homes or at a gym, some people may wish to go to weightlifting competitions. Anthony Sandoval of Woodstock, GA says that weightlifting competitions are also referred to as “meets.”

As a rule, competitions consist of three attempts at two Olympic moves: the “snatch” and the “clean and jerk.” Below is a description of each of them:

The “snatch” is probably the move most people think of when they think of lifting. This is taking the bar off of the ground in one motion.
“Clean and jerk” is less fluid. This involves taking the bar to the shoulders first, then over the head.

Neither of these moves should be attempted by novices explains Anthony Sandoval of Atlanta, GA. Beginners should at least start with dumbbells then switch to a bar. But as these motions are staples of meets, it merits any practitioner to become familiar with them. A personal trainer can help get the best form for these two moves.


Many people will answer the question of “why compete?” with “to win.” But winning a prize or title is only one reason. These competitions are also a great reason to train more regularly and can provide the motivation many can lack. Anthony Sandoval of Atlanta, GA says that, along with giving someone a reason to train, every lifter should attend a meet to see what it’s like.

Meets have time requirements while performing specific moves. Meets will push the participants to their limits. The locker room at a meet is also very different from a gym. People constantly size each other up. It’s all worth experiencing at least once.

Helpful Tips

Finally, Anthony Sandoval of Atlanta, GA provides a few tips for those just starting their weightlifting journeys:

  • Remove harmful self-talk – the only way to get better at anything is by doing it.
  • The hardest part is getting started.
  • Maintaining a routine and motivation can waver.
  • Read the rules of the competition before going. First-timers will not be exempt.
  • Be safe. A medal is not worth risking one’s health.


Anthony Sandoval of Atlanta, GA says that weightlifting is a great sport for anyone who wants to lose weight, get stronger, and generally improve their lives. The benefits of weightlifting go far beyond building muscle. Some may even consider attending meets. These make them lift in a new environment under strict timers and rules, so it’s important to be comfortable with weightlifting first.