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AHS Student Honors Brown/Kuehl Families with Work at Zadie Kuehl Park

From left, Greg Kuehl, Jeremiah Vess and Dave Brown.

He was only a baby when Zadie E. Kuehl Memorial Park was dedicated in 2002.  But 15 years later Jeremiah Vess decided he wanted to refurbish and enhance the Lakeland Park as an Eagle Scout project.

So this summer he coordinated a group of volunteers and raised funds to rebuild benches and trash cans, improve the park entry and create a new entrance sign.

This three-acre Park is located at 3065 Yukon Drive in the Canada Woods subdivision, near the intersection of Canada Road and Saskatoon Drive.  The Park offers a 1/5-mile paved jogging trail, pavilion, seating, grills and playground.

It will eventually be joined by a Dog Park after the owners of The Pet Hospitals donated 3.6 acres of land in conjunction with building a new location for their operation.  The Pet Hospitals are currently in Corner Shops at U.S. Highway 64 and Canada Road  Their new facility will be just north of their current location and near the Park.

Jeremiah knew the history behind the Park.  His father, Billy Vess, is a friend of Greg Kuehl.   Mr. Kuehl was married to Stefanie Brown, daughter of Dave and Margaret Brown of Lakeland.  In a tragic accident in May 1997, Stefanie, her daughter Zadie and unborn son were killed when a drunk driver slammed into their car on U.S. Highway 64 at Canada Road.

The Park was dedicated in their honor in 2002 and there is a sign commemorating the dedication.

“I am working on getting the rank of Eagle, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America,” said Jeremiah, a senior at Arlington High School (AHS).   “One of my requirements is to do an Eagle Project. I chose to refurbish and enhance the facilities at Zadie Kuehl Memorial Park in Lakeland.

“The park was built to memorialize a family friend’s wife, unborn child and baby daughter, Zadie, who were all killed by a drunk driver.

“I rebuilt seven benches and four trash cans within the park, revised the current entry way, along with a new sign at the entrance to the park.

“The park has fallen into disrepair over the years,” said Jeremiah.   “With these repairs and enhancements, I hope to honor their memory and also have a Park that the community can continue to enjoy.”

He and his team of volunteers began the project Aug. 12 and worked into September.

Jeremiah estimated all the repairs to cost $1,500 and so far, he has raised $1,000.  Contributions to help with the park rehab can be made to Jeremiah Vess, 10703 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Arlington, TN   38002.  Make checks payable to “EBC Troop 450” and reference “Jeremiah’s Eagle Project” He said any money raised over the $1,500 will be used for additional projects in the Park.

His mother, Debbie Vess, proudly added that Jeremiah and his team of volunteers repaired or repainted all the picnic tables, swings, benches, grills and the pavilion.

“The trash can boards were all replaced and then completely repainted. The front railing and gate were replaced along with a new header across the top. The new metal sign will be displayed on that,” said Mrs. Vess.

“We are praying that with the refurbishing and other activities around the park area, that families in the community will be blessed every time they go,” she added.

… Photos courtesy of Billy and Debbie Vess.

Link to photo album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/g3zvMmlrCtzINA4r1