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MPC Meeting: Maurice Denbow is Newest Member

Maurice Denbow,left, with his wife Kim and Mayor Wyatt Bunker

by Carl Helton, MPC member and LC staff

Mayor Wyatt Bunker was on hand this evening (1.18.18) to swear in the newest member to the MP/DRC Board (Municipal Planning/Design Review Commission), Maurice Denbow.  Mr. Denbow was accompanied by his wife Kim for the formal swearing in.  He replaces Don Barber whose term expired in December.

Mr. Denbow speaks to MPC. He is with his wife Kim and Mayor Bunker

Mr. Barber was on hand, accompanied by his wife Shirlee.   He addressed the Mayor, staff and Board expressing his thankfulness to have served the City.  He also gave the current board wise advice as they proceed forward in their positions representing the City. Mayor Bunker as well as several Board members thanked Mr. Barber for his service and his dedication to the community.

The regular meeting resumed with the election of new officers for the Board.  Sal Feraci was selected as chairman, Jim Willis was elected as vice-chairman and Jerry James was elected to continue his position as secretary.

MPC Board along with liaison Commissioner Clark Plunk

There was no public discussion and no old business to discuss.

New business was to discuss extending the six-month extension for a 150-foot “Monopine” Communications Tower planned at Lakeland Elementary School. The original site plan was approved July 21, 2016 and later extended through January 21, 2018.

The tower is expected to be anchored by AT&T with shared access by other providers available.  Lou Katzerman addressed the Board explaining the extension is needed to have the providers fully committed before construction can commence.

Mr. Willis wanted it to be clear that the school board (Lakeland School Board – LSB) required that construction would be during the summer when school was not in session. It was clear that construction would not conflict during regular school time but did note that the extension would expire June 18, 2018.

The Board also wanted to make sure that the extension was in line with the lease with the school system.  There was a brief recess while City Manager Jim Atkinson contacted Lakeland School System Superintendent Dr. Ted Horrell who responded that he wanted to verify the actual date. The Board returned from the recess and voted unanimously to approve the extension to the date compatible with the LSB contract.