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Vibrant Community Life Thrives At Lakeland Senior Center

Crafts Corner at the Lakeland Senior Center. LC file photo.

The Lakeland Senior Center at IH Park continues to buzz with engaging events and activities and 2024 is expected to be another great year for the program. The center offers a dynamic space for senior residents to connect and enjoy diverse pursuits.

Each day at the Senior Center brings a unique theme, catering to various interests. Wednesdays are dedicated to Game Day, while Thursdays host Watercolor Classes, among other exciting activities. The week concludes with Bridge Lessons on Fridays, offering a well-rounded schedule of events. Today offered “Movie Day” featuring the classic film “An American in Paris.” Residents say movie days are an entertaining experience for those that attend.

Conveniently located at 4527 Canada Rd, adjacent to the IH Clubhouse, the Lakeland Senior Center invites all residents to join the community spirit. Operating from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (hours subject to activity schedules), the center serves as a vital hub for social interaction and enrichment.

Lakeland employee Kim Odom, who has years of experience, has been instrumental in running the center over the past few years, providing excellent services to Lakeland residents. For more information or to stay updated on upcoming events, contact Kim Odom, the dedicated Senior Center Manager, at 746-8195 or via email at kodom@lakelandtn.org.