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Tyler Coia Discusses Healthy Habits for a Balanced Lifestyle

Tyler J Coia

Tyler J. Coia works as a wellness advocate and fitness professional. In the following article, Tyler Coia discusses nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness practices for overall health.

Everybody knows they should be leading a healthy, balanced life. But what does that truly mean? And how can people achieve this elusive balance without straightforward steps to execute? These questions are precisely what experts are attempting to answer.

While there are hallmarks — nutrition, physical activity, and mental wellness —, the paths to achieve them are as varied as the pursuant individuals. Unbeknownst to many, there are realistic ways for everybody to acquire a healthy and balanced existence, whatever that may look like for them.

Tyler Coia says that despite the wellness industry undermining the decades of clinical research with fad products and restrictive diet/exercise plans, legitimate professionals shed light on the practical advice that has the power to transform lives without splashing the cash.

Tyler Coia Says That Eating Well Doesn’t Have to Be a Time-Consuming Chore

The best diet provides energy, enhances moods, and keeps bodies healthy. And contrary to widespread belief, healthy foods can be just as delicious as the sugary, fatty, processed stuff we sometimes crave.

Often, many people feel they should choose between chilling out after work and cooking a nutritious meal. But there’s no reason they can’t have both.

Tyler Coia explains that heart-healthy, body-fueling cooking doesn’t have to a boring, time-consuming chore. The internet has graced families with a wealth of quick and easy meals that can take as little as 15 minutes to create, leaving plenty of time to relax.

Scheduling Time to De-Stress and Boost Happiness

Tyler Coia says that stress retracts from all life’s enjoyment, having a negative impact on both mental and physical health. Therefore, it is recommended that people indulge in their creative outlets and always make time to reduce stress by:

  • scheduling de-stress sessions like meditation practices.
  • getting up a bit earlier to enjoy a cup of coffee before the rest of the household arises.
  • making daily activities less of a chore, like trying a new recipe, taking an aromatherapy soak instead of a shower, or listening to music while commuting.
  • watching comedy to reap the stress-relieving, infection-fighting rewards of laughing.
  • taking a full lunch break away from computers by walking, reading, or exercising.

Sleeping Enough for Mental and Physical Health

Studies show that adults should sleep seven to nine hours every night and highlights that adults who sleeping less than seven hours per night experience more health problems than those who sleep at least seven.

Tyler Coia notes that since everyone is different, the specific number of hours required changes depending on the person and factors like recovering from sleep deprivation, illness, and age. Those who don’t know how much sleep they need can experiment, attempting to sleep for longer to see whether it positively impacts their energy levels and mood — chances are it will.

Indulging in Enjoyable Exercise Regularly for Complete Well-Being

While there are countless gym bros who tout pumping iron as the only way to exercise, that’s far from the reality. The gym isn’t the end all be all for everyone. Instead, people should focus on finding ways to move their bodies daily, creating a healthy, enjoyable exercise routine.

Unsure of what to do? Try a bunch of different methods until one sticks. Incorporate exercise during the time of day that works best for you.

Tyler J CoiaTaking Regular Work Breaks for Productivity and Emotional Maintenance

Mental health and productivity are important factors for excelling professionally and personally. And despite some believing breaks are a waste of time, scientific evidence shows they’re essential for a healthy work-life balance, preventing burnout and enhancing focus.

Experts suggest the Pomodoro Technique for a straightforward approach — work for 25 minutes before taking a five minute. Tyler J. Coia says that although, longer breaks are necessary after finishing more demanding projects or tasks.

Spending Time Alone for All-Over Rejuvenation

Tyler J. Coia explains that quality time with family and friends is essential, but it’s the ability to spend time alone that truly revitalizes the soul. Whether it’s for half an hour or four hours, individuals stand to gain a lot for simply just focusing on themselves for a while.

The Golden Key: Everything in Moderation

Tyler J. Coia also notes, that ultimately, the key to health is moderation. Some nights it’s okay to stay up late and go out with friends. Some days it’s fine to veg out and binge watch Netflix. Sometimes it’s A-okay to scoff a chocolate bar. A healthy lifestyle is about balance, not restriction.