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The Hyland Company – Tailoring Nutrition to the Season

The Hyland Company

The Hyland Company is the maker of The Pride Dog Food, a specially formulated brand for the unique nutritional needs of hunting dogs. In the world of hunting, a dog isn’t just a companion—it’s a trusted partner in the field. As seasons change, so do the challenges faced by these steadfast companions. In this article, The Hyland Company delves into their specialized approach to nutrition that ensures hunting dogs are equipped to face any terrain, weather, or quarry with unwavering vitality and endurance.

Hunting dogs are a special kind of breed.

They are known for their exceptional skills, unyielding loyalty, and remarkable abilities in tracking, retrieving, and assisting their owners in the age-old tradition of hunting.
However, the sport itself can get rigorous. When dogs are out for a hunt, they are exposed to harsh elements, varying climates, and changing seasons. All of these can impact the dog’s well-being.

The Hyland Company maker of The Pride Dog Food says that good nutrition is vital. It is crucial for owners to meet their companion’s nutritional needs whether it’s hunting season or not. Below, The Hyland Company explains the importance of tailoring a hunting dog’s nutrition according to different factors to ensure health, safety, and peak performance.

Fueling the Chase During Hunting Season

As with people, hunting dogs will burn a lot of calories and expel a good amount energy while out hunting. Because of this, preparations for hunting season must begin weeks before.

The Hyland Company says that according to experienced dog trainers, the amount of energy and calories burned by a dog over the course of a hunting day depends on the animal’s weight and metabolism.

Take a 50-pound dog as an example. It’s a good average between smaller and larger hunting dogs. This size of dog will burn about 1,450 calories during a slow day at home, about 1,800 calories with moderate physical activity, and about 2,200 calories in a long hard day of hunting.

That being said, hunting dogs need a high-fat, high-protein diet that’s also rich in carbohydrates. The Pride Dog Food, for example, contains all-natural ingredients, high-calorie content, fiber, and a balanced Omega-3 and 6 content for enhanced performance of active dogs.

The Hyland Company explains that when a dog is active, fat will be its most important source of energy. High-quality protein supports the transport of oxygen to the muscles, fiber is great for their intestinal environment, and Omega-3 fatty acids help enhance their sense of smell. All of these are vital for a successful day in the field.

Feeding Before, During, and After the Hunt

During hunting season, a significant increase in food is needed, reports The Hyland Company, maker of The Pride Dog Food.

The day before heading out, hunters should increase their dog’s food intake to build energy reserves. It can take about 12 hours for food to digest. Feeding a hunting dog a good meal the evening before a long day of hunting allows for that food to digest. The calories, fat, and protein consumed by the dog will now be available to burn.

The Hyland Company, maker of The Pride Dog Food, says that on the other hand, feeding a dog right before or during a hunt is not good practice – it wouldn’t enhance performance and could even be harmful to the animal. The food won’t digest properly and would only weigh the dog down, increasing the risk of bloating and torsion.

However, at the end of the day, it’s imperative that he receives a good meal. Hunters should provide their companions with the nutrition needed to build energy reserves backup and restore muscle tissue. And, of course, good hydration is critical.

Experts also recommend waiting at least 1 hour post hunt before feeding the dog a good meal. This allows him to cool down, reducing the risk of stomach issues.

The Hyland CompanyWeather Considerations

Weather conditions should also be considered, adds The Hyland Company, maker of The Pride Dog Food Black Bag. Wet, damp, or snowy days as well as cold air increases the dog’s energy needs.

The Hyland Company says that if the temperature drops to around 10 degrees F, experts recommend a 7.5 percent increase in the dog’s calorie-per-day intake.

Downtime Sustenance: Nutrition During Off-Season

During off season, sporting dog veterinarians recommend feeding the same performance dog food, ideally with a 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat content but at a lower quantity to match the dog’s decrease in physical activity.

The Hyland Company notes that owners should regularly keep an eye on their pet’s body condition, energy levels, and physical activity levels to determine the right number of calories they need to stay healthy.

The right food provides these special dogs the nutrition they need for both hunting season and off-season. The Pride Dog offers a range of nutritionally balanced options to cater to the needs of hunting dogs for both hunting season and off-season. Their specialized formulas are made for active dogs for their overall health and well-being all year round.

The peak performance of a hunting dog during a hunt and his continued health during off-season are intrinsically linked to his food intake and nutrition. By understanding and providing their special dietary requirements, owners can expect excellence from their hunting companions.