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Sending Love Across the Miles: Flower Delivery Services in the UAE

Nothing makes us happier than (often as a surprise) receiving flowers to cheer us up and put a smile on our faces. However, the joy is not only in receiving flowers but also in sending them. And sometimes, when sending flowers, we’re separated by vast distances from our loved ones. Solution? Use a flower delivery service, especially if you’re sending flowers to someone special in the United Arab Emirates.

Flower delivery services in the UAE are extremely efficient. And when it comes to varieties, almost any type of flower can be ordered. Roses, carnations, orchids – you can even order tulips online across the miles.

Let’s look at the benefits of flower delivery services in the UAE.

Festivals and Culture

In the UAE, flowers are used to celebrate personal occasions and in various cultural festivals and commercial events. For example, some of these festivals include: 

  • The Al Dhafra Festival, a vibrant celebration of Emirati heritage.
  • The Al Awafi Festival which takes place in the heart of the Al Ain desert and pays tribute to Bedouin culture and traditions. This festival has traditional music, exotic dance exhibitions, exciting camel races, and falconry shows. 

Cultural Significance

Flowers play a unique cultural role in the UAE and certain flowers have specific meanings to the locals. The UAE’s national flower is the Tribulus Omanense, known as the flower of the desert.

  • It is a delicate yellow bloom that thrives in harsh desert conditions. 
  • In the UAE it’s also a symbol of a strong connection to the land and their identity as a nation. 
  • The Tribulus Omanense symbolizes not only beauty but also resilience, celebrating the Emirati spirit.

UAE flower vendors are aware of the cultural significance of particular flowers and their symbolic meanings. They will guide you when sending flowers so you won’t have to fret about making a mistake and possibly sending the wrong flowers that could imply an entirely different meaning than what you intended.


The old way of sending flowers was by visiting our local florist.  Nowadays, most of us use online flower delivery services, and with good reason. For example:

  • You can browse through online catalogs that display a wide variety of bouquets and arrangements suitable for any type of occasion or event. 
  • The choices are almost limitless – from traditional rose bouquets to exotic orchids, to personalized floral arrangements, every taste and occasion is catered to. 
  • There are flexible delivery options, which means that you can surprise your loved one with a floral gift on the right day and at the right moment.
  • These services include convenient online payment options.

Quality and Freshness

Look no further than flower delivery services in the UAE for quality and freshness. They source their flowers from:

  • Local Farmers
  • Global Flower Growers And Suppliers

This means that every bouquet or floral arrangement is of the highest quality and freshness – and long-lasting.

Personalized Touch

Another attractive feature of these services is that you can personalize your delivery. For example, you can:

  • Add special messages 
  • Choose an additional gift to go with the flowers, such as chocolates, balloons, fruit baskets, plush toys, and more. 
  • Choose a color theme for your bouquet or arrangement. For example, all white flowers, or red roses for romance
  • Choose the types of flowers you would like included in your bouquet
  • Choose from a variety of vases for arrangements

Same-Day Delivery

  • Flower delivery services in the UAE usually provide same-day delivery, which is perfect for those last-minute surprises or urgent events. 
  • Many services also offer free delivery, depending on the location of the recipient.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can be easier or more convenient than sending flowers across the miles through flower delivery services in the UAE. It’s the perfect choice for bridging the geographical divide to mark those significant occasions.

By Chris Bates