Home Business Mobil Gas Station – Stone Placed, Stumps Gone

Mobil Gas Station – Stone Placed, Stumps Gone

The exterior columns and front façade of the Mobil gas station are dressed in stacked stone, and stumps from the “over pruned” trees are ground and gone.

Mobil gas station

Owners of the station at 3665 Canada Road were given a timeline Feb. 8 after they appeared before the Lakeland Beer Board about possible suspension of revocation of their beer permit.

They were cited for two active code violations including tree-topping at the station which is not permitted by City code.  After removal of the “pruned” trees, the stumps were to be ground, in preparation to plant new trees.

Instead of revoking or suspending the permit, Anis Kapadia and Nizar Lalani were given the following timeline:

  • “Pruned” trees be removed immediately.
  • Stone work on the exterior columns to start Monday
  • A landscaping plan goes to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) Feb. 15.
  • A lighting plan to the MPC Mar. 15
  • Lights installed Apr. 15
  • If deadlines are not met, the Beer Board will meet again to take action on the beer permit.

… Photos by Jim Willis, Lakeland Currents.