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Mind Your Mind and Brain Games

by Carmen Greger

We are thrilled to present this new column! Here, we will offer insights and info on the brain as well as tips, tricks and techniques to keep your Mind Sharp at any age and for every lifestyle!  In the sub-column below (Brain Games), we will offer fun and interesting tools, games, challenges, charts, grids and quizzes to stimulate neural pathways and enhance mental clarity and capacity.

We are launching this column with the subject of Brain Food, consuming the proper foods so as to boost brain power for the short and long term.

When I was diagnosed with a TBI (traumatic brain injury) after a car accident just shy of a few years ago, I was introduced to an amazing doctor (the kind who would walk out of a new aged NatGeo documentary of the ancient world medicine man meeting himself but in the world of modern science) who taught me the many things I needed to do, know and live by from that point on.  One of the most simple yet profound things he did was hold up a walnut so that I could closely inspect it as he so kindly preached his good word, “the walnut even looks like the brain; it was meant for the brain, eat many and eat often”, he said with such gentle yet powerful wisdom. Walnuts (especially raw, unsalted) are a nutrient dense, brain-healthy fat and protein combo, which have high anti-inflammatory, pro-cognitive properties. Walnuts? Easy. He then told me to consume anchovies and canned miso glazed mackerel.  Yikes! Yes, fatty fishes are linked to increased brain power, but the question is out as to whether that is due to what the fish are eating in the seas or is it the fish themselves? Salmon was thrown into the mix and it was likely that quick that I grilled a piece and tossed it in with my olive oil glazed organic spring salad.

Green Leafy vegetables (broccoli, kale, spinach), organic berries and Coffee (black, organic, no dairy) YAY! and lots and lots of water came next on the recommendation list. Check ✅.  He added consistent and deep sleep to the regimen, along with many other things that from my earlier nutrition and health coach studies, I have known to be true, but we’ll stick with this for now to get you started.

Anti-inflammatory foods are ideal for the brain and staying hydrated is vital, and just as the body needs fresh air and daily focused exercise, so does the brain.  5-10 minutes of brain fitness (available in a wide variety of forms) can greatly enhance one’s cognitive fitness.  Playing a card game, a board game or chess, all wonderful! Crossword puzzles, memory flash cards and word scrambles are fantastic! Give it all a try!


There are SO many games out there these days, both old school and digital!  We are going to begin today OG style with a (digital) seek and find.