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Last BOC Meeting of 2023 Scheduled For This Thursday

The Lakeland Board of Commissioners will meet for the last time in 2023 this Thursday, December 21st at 5:30 at City Hall.

In a strategic move earlier this year, the Lakeland Board of Commissioners opted for a more efficient meeting schedule, transitioning from a combination of Work Sessions and Regular Meetings on the first and second Thursday of each month to exclusively holding Regular Meetings on the first and third Thursday. This shift aimed to streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies, leading to a notable reduction in agenda lengths.

Among this week’s agenda items, the City Manager has highlighted the approval of an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Transportation for Canada Road, spanning from SR-15 (US Highway 64) to the I-40 bridge overpass. This decision addresses the community’s longstanding interest in enhancing the pavement of Canada Road, representing a positive step forward.

As growth continues at The Lake District, a crucial approval is on the horizon – an agreement and Change Order #1 with Shelby Electric Co., Inc. for the Traffic Signal Project at Canada Road & Lake District Drive. This project becomes imperative to ease traffic congestion, especially with the anticipated opening of Chick Fil A in March 2024.

The agenda also includes key decisions such as approving an agreement and Change Order #1 with Delgado General Corp. for the Fiscal Year 2024 Oliver Creek Bank Stabilization project and the Sterling Place Sink Hole project. Additionally, the approval of an agreement with Douglas Hall and Associates for review appraisal services related to the Oliver Creek Sewer Interceptor project is on the docket.

Other crucial agenda items include approving the City of Lakeland’s meeting calendar for the 2024 calendar year, endorsing the 2025 fiscal year annual budget preparation calendar, and authorizing reappointment to the Board of Appeals/Storm Water Board of Appeals for the City of Lakeland, Tennessee.

In a further display of forward-looking decisions, the Board will consider approving the first amendment to the purchase and sales agreement for 3645 Canada Road, current home to the Relax Inn.

The City Manager is also seeking authorization to execute an extension of the solid waste collection services contract adopted by resolution 2018/11-95. These agenda items collectively underscore the Board’s commitment to effective governance and strategic planning for the future.