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Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT on Why Great Leaders Never Stop Learning

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As a proud business lead learner, Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT is often tasked with leading different groups and inspiring confidence in his teams. One of the things that would surprise a younger Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT about being in a leadership position is the amount of learning that increases as one rises in responsibility. As kids, people will often set goals and think that once they reach a certain status, they must know everything, but the truth is that leaders who want to succeed can never stop learning in order to be able to provide a benefit to themselves and the people they are lucky to be leading. Today, Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT will touch on a few reasons great leaders make it a point to prioritize continued education.

The most obvious reason to keep learning as a leader in the digital age is that it’s the only way to ensure that one’s team takes full advantage of the latest technology. Companies that don’t utilize the latest technologies risk falling drastically behind their competitors in almost any industry. Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT recommends attending as many seminars as possible, join professional organizations, and never stop reading. Find a few different aggregating news sites and ask well respected leadership colleagues for recommendations as well. No matter what industry a person finds themselves in, there are always levers to use to improve. It is easy to grow complacent in a leadership position, but it’s imperative to remember that stagnation halts progress and negatively impacts the entire team. The death knell of any collaboration is “this is the way we’ve always done it.”

All leaders should understand that their team will always be aware of the work ethic of the person in charge. When employees see an incredible work ethic from their manager, it inspires them to perform their best. People are more likely to follow what people do, not what they say. When employees see that their boss is continuing their education, it will likely inspire them to do the same. Resistant leaders typically lead to a passive workforce. Employees want to work for leaders who bring a sense of optimism and hope to the job.

A healthy curiosity is crucial not only in the business world but also in one’s social life. Maintaining a desire to learn new things makes life fulfilling. Jasdeep Singh loves to learn because he believes a person is either growing or growing stagnant. Asking questions and active learning are great ways to learn and build connections with other people. Maintaining a sense of curiosity will also ensure that a manager, or any interesting person,is open to learning more about technology, the world around them, and the people in their lives.. In most modern industries, leveraging new tools and software that can provide a distinct competitive advantage is imperative.

Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT has learned about climbing the corporate ladder: having goals is essential, and reaching them is extremely fulfilling. Goals are a huge motivating factor, so continued education is a great way to stay sharp and move forward. There are always higher qualifications and distinctions to achieve. If a person has already achieved a master’s degree or exhausted the online courses that they sought to pass, they should look to find weaknesses within their organization. Understanding something a competitor does better than one’s business and making it a goal to learn that skill or become more aware of what changes matter most can be extremely rewarding for all parties.

Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT believes it is important to note that learning as a leader often has more to do with learning human behavior than learning a lesson from a textbook. For instance, leaders must learn to balance running a tight ship and having empathy for an employee’s unique situation. A lot of management requires making judgment calls. Jasdeep Singh of West Hartford, CT knows he would make different decisions today than he would a decade ago. This comes from experience. As someone who likes to be a perfectionist, Jasdeep has even learned how to accept mistakes. After all, mistakes aren’t a problem as long as one learns from them.