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Is Highway 64 Becoming Coffee Lane?

Dunkin Donuts on Highway 64 in Lakeland.

Coffee Lane is just one nickname of many that may come to mind for the small stretch of Highway 64 in Lakeland. The original Lakeland Starbucks location, which is located in front of Sprouts, does not have anything on the upcoming Municipal Planning and Design Review agenda, however, Dunkin Donuts does. Soon to begin construction on Highway 64 is Shadrachs Coffee which will also be on the agenda for design review.

Dunkin Donuts at 8984 Highway 64 in Lot 2-B of the Stonebridge Commercial Subdivision. The original structure was built in 2012 and has not been modified since its original construction. The applicant is seeking approval of a site plan application for the re-model of Dunkin Donuts. The proposed remodel will include exterior paint changes as well as an overall update of the architectural style to conform with new brand standards.

Site plan for Shadrack’s Coffee on Highway 64. File photo.

Shadrachs Coffee, a Jonosboro, Arkansas company, is seeking approval of a wall and principal ground sign for Shadrachs Coffee at 7677 Highway 64. The proposed wall sign area will be 24.17 square feet and will be internally illuminated with LEDs. The proposed principal ground sign area will be 11.37 square feet and will also be internally illuminated with LEDs. The ground sign will also be surrounded by the required landscaping.

Once approved and built, that would make three places to grab coffee and go within a half mile stretch of “coffee lane” in Lakeland.