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Bobby Caldwell on Decking the Halls with Creativity & Unique Christmas Decor

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Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA is a lover of all things Christmas – he makes his living selling Christmas decorations, and even plays the English Hand Bells! In the following article, Bobby Caldwell discusses ways to utilize unique holiday décor, tap into imagination and surround yourself in Christmas magic.

Just as August ends, and September begins, retail stores (and in some places, the weather) start to bring about holiday magic. Almost in sync, as pumpkins hit the shelves, so does Christmas décor.

It’s time to think about how to make this year’s holiday unforgettable. Of course, it all starts with decorations!

Gone are the days of run-off-the-mill wreaths, generic tinsel, and cookie-cutter ornaments. While the classics will always hold a special place, why not venture beyond the traditional this time around? This year, it’s all about embracing individuality and personal touch.

From sustainable DIY crafts to unconventional color schemes, Bobby Caldwell has curated a treasure trove of fun ideas that will give any home a unique touch of Yuletide magic.

Bobby Caldwell Provides 5 Fresh Decorating Ideas

DIY Frosted Glass Windows

Frosted glass windows add a touch of enchantment to any Winter Wonderland. The soft, ethereal ambiance from frosted panes evokes a scene of a serene snowy landscape.

Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA says that there are 3 easy ways to achieve frosted glass windows: frosted window film, frosted glass spray paint, and etching cream.

The first option is installing frosted window film, which can be purchased online, from home improvement stores, arts and crafts stores, or local window film installers. These films give off a nice frosted effect and can be removed once the holidays are over. However, they can be time-consuming to install, especially if you have plenty of windows.

One can also opt for frosted glass spray paint and etching cream, both of which are low-cost and low-effort solutions for creating a frosted glass window. However, their frosting effect is permanent – not ideal for those who are only decorating for Christmas.

Cozy Fabrics and Weaves

Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA notes that part of decorating the home for Christmas is making it look warm and cozy!

Adding a variety of fabrics and textures throughout the house is a great way to do this. Fabrics like wool, velvet, flannel, faux sheep’s skin and grain sack add a cozy vibe and will add a “layer” to the home when used as blankets, throw pillow covers, and table runners, among others.

Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA says to go with the Winter Wonderland theme, opt to use white or neutral-colored textured fabrics. Start by tossing a flannel throw over a favorite chair to see (and feel) the difference!

Bobby Caldwell Erie pa

DIY Festive Holiday Lighting

Speaking of cozy, lighting also plays a huge role in evoking that warm Christmas feeling.

Interior decorating experts say that string lights make a home feel cozier. Adding a curtain of string lights to a wall at home to make an easy, temporary, and festive feature wall.

To contrast the cool vibe of the Winter Wonderland, add candles to the list! Either purchase some pretty candles or have fun making beeswax tapered candles wrapped in paper in twine. Lay the candles out on a table or place them on antique brass candleholders.

Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA notes that individuals can also choose to infuse the space with delicious scents such as cinnamon, fresh pine, and vanilla through candles or potpourri for an added layer of holiday delight.

Greenery and Other Natural Elements

The holidays are based on the beauty of the winter season, so adding nature elements to Christmas decorations can only amplify the theme. Apart from being an inexpensive, eco-friendly option, they can add a breath of woodland charm to the home.

Tree branches and pinecones can be made into handmade wreaths, garlands, or ornaments. Greenery like cypress, fir, eucalyptus, pine, and spruce can be used as is or as decor or tablescape accents.

Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA says to just add a little bit of faux snow and voila – winter wonderful!

Charming Christmas Stockings

Whether there are children at home or not, Santa stockings are an integral part of Christmas decorations, bringing a touch of tradition and symbolizing anticipation for the upcoming celebration.

Bobby Caldwell of Erie, PA says that this year, handmade Christmas stockings made from hessian bags will be a perfect addition to the Winter Wonderland theme, bringing in a charmingly rustic vibe. Just cut the hessian to your desired size, sew 2 halves together with ribbon or twine, then embellish with festive ornaments and names.

By incorporating these ideas into this year’s holiday decor, any space can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind Winter Wonderland that captures the true joy of the holiday season – a warm, cozy, and happy home.