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Gary Katcher of Greenwich and Libertas Funding, LLC: The Value of Volunteering

Gary Katcher of Greenwich and Libertas Funding

During the month of April, National Volunteer Month, certain companies illustrate the ways in which businesses can encourage volunteerism. For example, at Libertas Funding, LLC, a Greenwich-based company founded by Gary Katcher, volunteering is not limited to the month of April, but rather is a year-round practice. In fact, one of Libertas’ core values is Corporate Citizenship-the practice of giving back to the community through philanthropy and helping those in need.

The Census Bureau reported that in 2021, over 20% of Americans volunteered their time and talents, measuring up to 4.1B hours of service, thereby contributing $122.9B to the national economy. These figures, significant as they may be, do not reflect the full advantages of volunteering since they do not account for the benefits experienced by the volunteers themselves. As reported by the American Health Association, Jeffrey Burr, a professor of gerontology at University of Massachusetts Boston, has found that “compared to non-volunteers, volunteers have less depression, less anxiety, higher self-esteem, greater happiness, and greater sense of meaning in life.” Gary Katcher has stated that “volunteering is valued at our company because we know it benefits both our employees and our community.”

Karin Kovacic, Managing Director of Institutional Sales at Libertas Funding, LLC, emphasizes the importance of volunteering, stating that “volunteering is a significant aspect of my life and parenting philosophy. I believe that giving back to the community, establishing connections, and driving social change are essential. Volunteering also fosters personal growth and skill development. By involving my children in volunteer work, I aim to teach them the values of kindness and helpfulness while strengthening our bond through shared experiences.” Karin’s volunteer efforts are varied and include serving on the Board and the Executive Committee of the Association for Corporate Growth, participating with Food Rescue U.S., and volunteering alongside her children with her church’s service group.

Matthew Capasso, a Director of Underwriting at Libertas Funding, LLC, also dedicates his time to volunteering by acting as a board member for Civil Art, a non-profit focused on the visual arts. The organization’s current project, entitled “Night Market,” highlights the work of artists from diverse backgrounds through an exhibition and mentorship program to emphasize the theme of inclusiveness and cultural exchange. Capasso reflected that “as a supporter of the arts, my volunteer work centers on creating opportunities for visual artists to thrive and for communities to engage with art in impactful ways. I believe that supporting the arts is crucial for fostering a healthy and dynamic society.”

Libertas Funding, LLC’s CEO, Randy Saluck, participates in volunteer events through his position as a board member for the Fairfield Chapter of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which works to combat discrimination of any kind, protect democracy, and ensure a just and inclusive society for all. The ADL’s mission is to combat the recent sharp rise in hate crimes and bias incidents. The ADL also advocates for free and fair elections against voter suppression, offering tools for voters to make their voices heard in elections.

As a dedicated volunteer to myriad causes, Gary Katcher commented on the month’s purpose, stating that “I’m very proud of the culture of volunteerism promoted by Libertas Funding’s employees and leadership; they truly embody our values.”