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Jacqueline Herron On Overcoming Feeling Stuck in Life

Jacqueline Bryce Herron

Jacqueline Herron is a strong proponent of emphasizing time and attention to one’s spiritual health. Understanding that countless people feel stuck in their life, Jacqueline Herron wanted to leverage today’s article to discuss different ways people can enrich their souls and help remove some of the blocks that are keeping them from achieving the best version of themselves.

Jacqueline Herron believes that people often feel stuck in ruts because they have yet to figure out how to connect with the unconscious mind. Consider that one’s thoughts are like an iceberg. From the outside perspective, a person can only see the tip of the iceberg above the water’s surface when in actuality the majority of the iceberg is below the surface. One’s conscious thoughts are the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much potential below the surface because the unconscious mind takes up more space in our brains.

Jacqueline Herron believes everyone should take time in silence to think about the valid reason something is bothering them or preventing them from accomplishing a goal. We often label something via our conscious mind, but the unconscious mind would reveal the true motive – and the actual reason one feels stuck.

We often find ourselves so bogged down in our heads that the best way to break the cycle is to start to focus on doing something for others. Jacqueline Herron always encourages people to consider volunteer work that gets them outside. For example, spending a day at the beach or in the woods picking up trash is rewarding on multiple fronts. For starters, there are few more significant ways to boost spiritual health than to put the needs of others above the needs of the individual. In addition to this benefit, connecting with nature can be a great way to show how much larger the world around us is to our bubble. Getting a glimpse at the bigger picture can often give a person the courage to pursue a new passion or stop a cycle of negative behavior.

A lot of spiritual health is personal, but Jacqueline Herron also emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with a support system that enriches the soul. People often find themselves stuck because they don’t want to let a person down, or they don’t want to end an unhealthy relationship because of what it may mean to the other person. The truth is that people who are enriching the lives of others spiritually actively work to help their loved ones grow. When the proper support system surrounds a person, they aren’t afraid to open up and share their feelings and beliefs.

Jacqueline Herron believes that people often feel stuck because of the limitations they have put on themselves. There’s a great power that comes when we remove our self-appointed limitations. One of the most common limitations a person puts on themselves is saying they are too old to pursue a dream, hope, or happiness. People of all ages do this, and they are always wrong to do so. Returning to the iceberg analogy, there’s so much more to life’s picture than anyone can see in a given day. Everyone is worthy of happiness.

Every person can make the choice to remove limitations from their lives. Jacqueline Herron believes one of the best things a person can do on their spiritual journey is allow themselves the grace of realizing the race is never over. There can be goals put in place to achieve certain goals within a certain timeframe, but that doesn’t mean a person stops the growth process. Our spiritual journeys continue as long as we allow ourselves to grow. Whether a person currently finds themselves in a place they are comfortable with or at a place where the spiritual journey feels insurmountable, the trick is to keep moving forward. Complacency is the enemy of spiritual growth.

When we believe in ourselves enough, we can always get unstuck. Few people experience a spiritual journey that is constantly on the rise. For most of us, there will be peaks and valleys throughout the journey. Jacqueline Herron encourages anyone currently in a valley stage to know they can turn things around.