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Youth Basketball Season Underway in Lakeland

Seven and eight-year-old team playing basketball at LES Jan. 28, 2017.

Two hundred five children ages 5 to 14 are playing youth basketball triweekly at Lakeland Elementary School (LES) through the Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department.

Robbie Spencer, department director, said the 25 coed teams include four for ages 5-6; eight for 7-8 years; eight for 9-10 years; and five for 11-14 years.

The teams play Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Games run through Mar. 24 with playoffs to be determined at a later date, said Mr. Spencer.

Information about all sports is available at Leagues.bluesombrero.com/lakelandparksandrec .

 Thirty-nine men and women are coaching the various teams, some even helping with multiple teams.  The volunteers are listed below.

5-6 year olds 

Team 1: Bill Ruth

Assistant: Phillip Hathcock

Team 2: Chad Johnson

Assistant: Jason Maclin

Team 3: William Maske

Assistant: Brian Wilemon

Team 4: Jeremy Yarbrough

Assistant: Clay Stokes, Florence Yarbrough

7-8 year olds

Team 1: Chuck Christensen

Assistant: Stuart Boyd

Team 2: Steve Henry

Assistant: Mark Hession

Team 3: Sean Sweeney

Assistant: Wyatt Bunker

Ballers: Thomas Scott

Assistant: Roy Benfield

Team 5: Kevin Floyd

Assistant: Matt Wright

Grizzlies: Sean Gallagher

Assistant: BJ Cooper

Team 7: Frank Tornabene

Assistant: Ernie Velazquez

Team 8: Breana Williams

Assistant: Michael Fournier

9-10 year olds

 Team 1: Chuck Christensen

Team 2: Bill Ruth

Assistant: Sean Gallagher

Team 3: Mandy Magness

Assistant: Mark Hession

Team 4: Jeremy Yarbrough

Assistant: Florence Yarbrough

Team 5: Matt Wright

Assistant:  Kevin Floyd

Team 6: Cameron Donahoe

Team 7: Danny Washburn

Assistant: Aimee Washburn

Team 8: Tim Roberts

11-14 year olds

 Team 1: Ronnie Fann

Assistant: Chris Brock

Team 2: Kevin Olds

Lions: Brad Hooten

Assistant: Bruce Jones

Team 4: Jason Morris

Team 5: Steve Martin

Assistant: Taylor Tamke

… photos by Jim Willis