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MPC Cancels Meeting About Gas Station


A special called meeting of the Lakeland MPC/DRC (Municipal Planning Commission)Design Review Committee) was cancelled Thursday evening when the applicants wanting to make site plan improvements on the former BP gas station and convenience store at Canada Road at Davies Plantation failed to provide the material necessary to act on the request.

Tom Skeehan, planning director, said the owners want to rebrand the location as a Mobile Oil station.

The owners are Nizar Lalani of Collierville and Anis Kapadia of Germantown. They asked the Lakeland Beer Board last month for a permit to allow beer sales for off-site consumption, but the request was postponed until the improvements are made or plans are approved to bring the site into compliance with requirements.

In August, Mr. Lalani said they have done much work inside the building and expect the entire area to be much more attractive in two months. The McDonald’s located in the facility is moving to a new location on US Hwy. 64 just east of Canada Road and Mr. Lalani said the McDonald’s could be replaced with a Dairy Queen or another franchise.