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Lakeland Project Update

Emily Harrell.

By Emily Harrell, PE CPESC, city engineer

The City of Lakeland has several large, visible projects underway such as the I-40 at Canada Road Interchange Project and the Beverle Rivera Drive/Huff N Puff Road Project.

But many residents are unaware of the smaller Capital Improvement Projects our City conducts.  In this fiscal year’s budget, the Board of Commissioners approved $575,000 for drainage improvements, a 328% increase from last year’s budget, and $1,150,000 for roadway improvements, a 209% increase from last year’s budget.

With these monies, the Engineering Department has been able to make strides in improving the City’s deteriorating infrastructure.  Below I have highlighted of some of the projects that are/will be completed this fiscal year.

  1. Plantation Hills Underdrain project: This project includes the installation of three roadway underdrain systems where groundwater was seeping up through the pavement causing roadway failures.
  2. Woodbridge Subdivision Drainage Improvements: This project includes the installation of inlets to reduce flooding and erosion of properties and improve the overall drainage of the area.
  3. Old Brownsville Road Drainage Improvements: This project includes the installation of a stormwater pipe under Old Brownsville Road and regrading of the roadside ditch to reduce flooding in the Lakeland Heights Subdivision.
  4. Heron’s Ridge Detention Basin Improvements: This project includes the installation of an outlet control structure to control the release of waters flowing from Herons Ridge Subdivision to The Preserve Subdivision.
  5. Fiscal Year 2017 Pipe Lining Project: This project includes lining storm sewer pipe that has become disjointed causing large sinkholes on properties.  Cured in place pipe lining requires no excavation, minimizing the impact to resident’s property.
  6. Oakwood Subdivision Drainage Improvements: This project includes the installation of inlets to improve drainage and reduce erosion and flooding.
  7. Fiscal Year 2017 Street Paving Project Phase 1: This project consists of roadway improvements in three sections of Stonebridge, Cool Springs Cove, and Canada Road.  Work includes milling and overlaying the road with new asphalt and replacing damaged curb and gutter.  Streets included in Stonebridge are Forest Edge Drive, Colts Neck Road, Colts Neck Cove, Bramblebush Lane, Woodcutter Cove, Woodcutter Lane, Ultragreen Lane, Kaki Lane, Brandon Way Lane, Slezenger Lane, Putter Lane, Glen Birnie Lane, Beowolf Glade Cove, Birchton Glade Cove, Glade Verde Lane and Curling Pond Lane.
  8. Fiscal Year 2017 Street Paving Project Phase 2: This project includes rehabilitating the asphalt pavement in Winstead Farms Subdivision and Ivy Creek Subdivision by crack sealing and applying a bituminous surface treatment.  Pavement rehabilitation restores the binder in the pavement extending the life five to seven  years at a fraction of the cost of traditional mill and overlay.

With the upcoming Fiscal Year 2018 budget, the Engineering Department will work closely with the Board of Commissioners identifying the needs and securing funding for future Capital Improvement Projects.