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December BOC Meeting Results


By Steve Laster, Lakeland Currents staff

The Lakeland Board of Commissioners (BOC) met in their last 2016 session Dec. 15 and City Manager Jim Atkinson spoke about the Small Area Retail Plan.  It is expected to be presented to the Economic Development Commission (EDC)/Industrial Development Board (IDB) this month.

Stephen Baiel

Steven Baiel applied for a vacancy of the EDC Board.  He listed his qualifications as having a paid home mortgage, married over 40 years, retired as a code enforcement officer with Shelby County and a Marine Vietnam veteran. The BOC is expected to vote this week, after allowing remaining candidates to address the commissioners.

Regarding ordinance 16-243 pertaining to residential sewer user rates and sewer charge adjustments, the City Attorney (Chris Patterson) advised a public hearing is necessary so the decision was deferred to this month.

A resolution was passed authorizing Mayor Wyatt Bunker to execute a contract with Trigon Sports and BSN Sports for Parks and Recreation Programs uniforms and equipment. The following language was included: “Not to exceed budgeted amount.” However, a budget overrun would have to be approved by the BOC.

A similar decision was made on a resolution to allow the Mayor to execute a contract with All-American Sports and Riddell for Parks and Recreation Youth Football Program uniforms and equipment.

The BOC unanimously approved a resolution directing the staff to prepare a contract for an Economic Development Specialist (EDS). The City staff will prepare the contract with funding to be $18,000 for the remainder of the fiscal year.  Salary for a full year will be $36,000. There is already $8,000 funded in this year’s budget.

There will have to be a budget amendment presented to fund the remaining $10,000 for this FY.  The basic duties for the specialist are in the resolution: http://www.lakelandtn.gov/DocumentCenter/View/5964 . The specialist is expected to work closely with the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce.

Story by Steve Laster