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Arkansas Teen Arrested in Lakeland-Area with Stolen Car


A thirteen-year-old Arkansas boy, driving a stolen car, thought he was headed to his girlfriend’s house in Connecticut until he was stopped on I-40 this morning (11.9.17) near the Chambers Chapel overpass in the Lakeland area, mile marker 22.

Earle Farrell, public information officer for the Shelby County Sheriff’s office (SCSO), said the teen was spotted using the car’s OnStar system.  “Deputies spotted the car and stopped it at mile marker 22,” said Mr. Farrell.  “The teen told them where he was going and that he lives with his grandparents.”  The teen added he was not happy with his grandparents and stole their 2017 Chevrolet Sonic and was headed to see his girlfriend in the northeast.

The grandparents live in Saline County, AR which is in the metro Little Rock area — about 200 miles away from the Lakeland-area arrest.  Mr. Farrell said the teen had been gone about two and one-half hours and the OnStar system helped deputies track down the car.

The grandparents are enroute to Memphis, said Mr. Farrell, the car has been towed and the teen will go before a Shelby County Juvenile Court judge.

Mr. Farrell said the good thing is that the teen didn’t hurt himself or anybody. “The road trip is over,” he said. The teen was not breaking any traffic laws when stopped by the SCSO.